Beginners Guide to Flannel

Flannel clothing is a great choice for the colder months of winter. Whether buying custom and have factored in the time it takes to create the garments, or preparing early, the warmer weeks of late fall and early winter are the ideal time to start making purchases for the frigid times ahead.

We carry many warm-dressing options for winter. When shopping, consideration to weight, heat retention, waterproofing, and performance are all taken into priority. Flannelled fabric is a very common material to be seen on well-dressed men in autumn and winter.

The term flannel is not for a specific fabric or pattern, but the process which the material is treated. Flannel is most commonly found in wool and cotton, which we would recommend.

Flannel yarn is loosely spun, creating the well-known softness of flannel. Flannel can be treated in different ways. The fabric can be finished as it is, or it can go through a process called napping.

Napping is the process of brushing either one or both sides of the fabric with a very fine metal brush, creating fine fibers from the loosely spun yarns. The different processes of treating the fabric result in what is known as a flannel, but all will create a variance in texture and softness. A double nap will be the softest, due to the extra grooming of the fabric.

Due to the napping of flannel, air pockets are created within the fabric. Your body heat will insulate the air pockets, keeping your body warmer. This makes flannel and ideal fabric for the colder weather months of fall and winter. Body heat retention and the soft feel is what makes flannel clothing warm and comfortable.

While the typical association for flannel is a Tartan or Plaid pattern, it can be dyed in any pattern or color the mill chooses. We carry a selection of flannel dress pants, suits, and Sportcoats in our shop. Come in anytime and we will be happy to show you what we offer, and explain the process further.


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