Experience world-class knitwear in our store on March 9th – 3 to 730pm

“You cannot, at any price, from any source in the world, buy a better sweater. You can only pay more.”

– Bernhard Brenner, Fouder

St. Croix Collections has been consistently created the highest quality men’s knitwear and outerwear in the world since 1960

Gary, the National Representative, will be in our store with product for the afternoon on March 9th

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All are welcome, looking forward to seeing you


  Matt from Woods Hollow Leather Co. will set up shop in our store for the day on Saturday, February 18th. Woods Hollow started when Matt’s [brand name] briefcase strap ripped right off, crashing onto the concrete, people staring, his coffee spilling and ruining his clothing. Burned from coffee and angry with…

  It is with much excitement that we show you some pictures from the Vangaurd’s Gallery, MRket and Project shows in NYC from January. A new year in fashion always brings incredible promise for the seasons to come. These shows always give us a fresh, vibrant, and comprehensive buying experience by visiting…

November 7 Trunk Show

Come visit showcases from our American vendors:

Rambler’s Way

Beautiful wool lifestyle sportwear

Represented by Tom Chappell

Torino leather

Exotic belts sustainably harvested

-lizard, alligator, crocodile, elephant, and bison

Ibex wool sportswear

Indoor, outdoor, and active wool sportswear

Rancourt shoes

The finest dress and casual footwear

Represented by Brett Klein

St. Croix

Sophisticated knitwear and sweaters

Made using world class knitting

Darn Tough Socks
Impossible to wear out dress, work,
and active men’s and women’s wool socks
From our Canadian neighbors:

Featuring Loro Piana fabrics
S. Cohen

The best athletic and modern fits available

We invite you to learn more about products from our favorite vendors

November 7th  –  10am until 3pm

With our Fall shoes from Rancourt in progress, Brett is keeping us updated and sent us a sneak peak of a few pair.. IMG_5042

These deals cannot be beat, so get ’em while they’re hot!

Until September 1st …


Sportcoats, sportshirts, polo’s, and shorts are all on sale to make room for Fall merchandise


While in New York, we spent our time at a total of six different exhibits and multiple private showrooms throughout the city displaying companies’ products.


Two of the shows have clothing you would expect to find at Zahner’s. The others are much more hipster and urban street wear that we enjoy going and seeing trends in fashion, and where the market might be headed. The individual shows have their own unique charisma and attitude from the music and products, keeping the trip fresh and exciting.988

The men’s market is exploding with accessories, such as pocket squares, watches, grooming and shave, and bags of all types. The shoe market is transitioning into a slightly more casual phase, and companies are incorporating performance features into their products. We are excited about the items we are going to be bringing into Spring and Summer of 2016, and I’m sure it will be here before we know it.



Every year during mid-July we attend multiple trade show in New York City to choose the inventory for spring and summer of the following year. The trip is very much about curating new merchandise that gives our store the balance of fashion trends to fit your personal style. Being able to keep up with the pace of change that eschews stores similar to ours creates a market that is truly unique.

An equal amount of our time spent in the city is used to learn the market changes, success stories and pitfalls, better customer service, the ability to renovate, innovate, update our look, and learn how to better serve you. During our trip, we are surrounded by a well curated mix of expert and passionate menswear aficionados who love what they do; helping gentlemen look their best. Our mind set at the beginning of the week is to be open to learn, and good things always come of it. Stay tuned for updates of the good items we find at the show.


Prom season went great! We were glad to work with each students and chaperones that we able to attend their proms this season. Please send us your pictures VIA email if you would like them posted with the ones below.     Untitled007


Scott will be at Maneely’s for the Tolland County Chamber of Commerce Business Showcase today [April 7th, 2015] from 5-7pm. The Business Showcase is for locally owned and operated companies to represent themselves and talk about their products and services. Maneely’s is located at 65 Rye Street in South Windsor, CT. Hope to see you there. image1 (1)