Prom season went great! We were glad to work with each students and chaperones that we able to attend their proms this season. Please send us your pictures VIA email if you would like them posted with the ones below.     Untitled007


Scott will be at Maneely’s for the Tolland County Chamber of Commerce Business Showcase today [April 7th, 2015] from 5-7pm. The Business Showcase is for locally owned and operated companies to represent themselves and talk about their products and services. Maneely’s is located at 65 Rye Street in South Windsor, CT. Hope to see you there. image1 (1)

Here are some contestants from Mr. THS, cleaning up well in our tuxedos.THS001

A few students from Ellington High School modeling some of our tuxedos during school, and looking pretty good doing it. IMG_3337

  At the beginning of our two week vacation closing, Scott and I went to New York City for a three day clothing trade show. During these three days, we search through hundreds of booths to find new interesting and quality items to bring into the store for Fall of 2015. This…

  Today, Scott and I spent a long day at the Convention Center in Providence, RI attending an active clothing and outdoor apparel convention. Throughout the day, we met with vendors and searched for the best products to bring to the store for the fall and winter season in 2015. Throughout the…

Seasonal Markdowns!

Sale Begins: Friday, January 2nd – 10am-6pm

Reductions on:

Sportswear, sweaters, suits,

outerwear, sportcoats, and business casual



Bonus Offer:

Bring in an old suit to donate and save an additional:

$50 on suits $299-$599

$100 on suits $649-$899

Sale ends Saturday, January 17th


  With the typical New England winter, it is time to start considering our options for the upcoming colder months of winter. Whether buying custom and have factored in the time it takes to create the garments, or preparing early, the warmer weeks of late fall and early winter are the ideal…

Company: Name origin; Osmium, the rarest and densest element, inspires our clothing – uncommon, elemental and enduring. Osmium products are made in the United States. The company believes in supporting local businesses, and building domestic, high quality products. Osmium works for a cultural shift towards garments of lasting value that enhance our lives…

  With the cold New England winter weather approaching, it is important to understand the benefits of wool. Wool is best for cold weather clothing, and is an incredible base layer fiber to use year round. We are not talking about the scratchy hats your grandmother used to knit for you. It…