East Catholic Uniforms

Zahner’s has been in the uniform business for over 40 years. During those years, we enjoyed a 15 year exclusive contract with East Catholic High School of Manchester. We have learned that having inventory at the opportune time was critical to a successful experience with all of the students of this Manchester based school. We realized that parents were not comfortable with placing an order in March to be received in July for a variety of reasons. The biggest reason is in the uncertainty of the students growth. To accommodate this concern our inventories have consistently filled 98% of orders from the stock on our shelves. Occasionally inventory can be depleted during the beginning of the school year, but we replace is as rapidly as our vendors can resupply us.

Please stop in…we are just 6 miles from the school in Manchester. You will be assisted by trained professionals that have made a career of assisting customers in the proper fit of clothing. We also hope you can spend some time to see our fashionable offering of mens apparel. We stock all East Catholic uniforms in a full range of sizes, year round. Click for Google directions

  “When my daughter’s school uniforms for East Catholic didn’t arrive in time for her first day of school, I was less than pleased with the school’s choice of uniform company. Donnelley’s promised us that our “in-stock” items would arrive to our home in 5-10 days, and then waited until the day before school was to start to inform me that our skirts were on back order for 2-4 more weeks!! They only told me this after I called and called their store more than a dozen times for days to speak to somebody. Thank goodness for Zahner’s!! They saved the day! I found out about Zahner’s at literally 5:35 pm the day before school started and that they carried the uniform, except I was in Hartford and their store was due to close at 6 pm that day. When I called and spoke to a live person (the first time) to explain my situation, the store owner not only re-assured me that they had what I needed, but agreed to keep the store open and wait for me to drive from work in Hartford so that my daughter could have her uniform in time!! What an amazing contrast to my prior experience with the other company, who didn’t even bother to call me when they realized my items were not in stock as they had told me when I placed the order, and then had the audacity to ask me why I ordered those particular sizes which were harder to come by!! Thanks for not telling me that before! Scott Zahner was a godsend and gets 5 stars from me. He even told me not to rush so that I wouldn’t get a speeding ticket on the way. Now that’s what you call customer service!! By the way, with the Zahner’s school uniform, there’s no need to place an order, because you get your stuff that same day from their store and you don’t need to pay an additional fee to get your shirt hemmed because they already come 1.5 inches shorter. It works out perfectly.  :)” -Enelsa