Out of Town Groomsmen

A common wedding scenario . . .

Your wedding will be held in your home town. A couple of your groomsmen live in other states. They are unable to travel to our shop for your wedding to be measured. How do they get measured for their tuxedo if they are arriving the day before the wedding?

Not to worry. You can solve this problem by using our Measurement Form. Use this as a tool to collect all of the needed tuxedo or suit measurements for the gentlemen who are unable to come to us for measurements.


Follow these simple steps to collect your gentlemen's measurements:


Save and Print Measurement Form

A quick way to share a copy of the form with your groomsmen is to send them a link to this webpage. They can visit the page themselves and download and print a copy to have in hand.


Get measured

Have your gentlemen visit a professional tailor or menswear shop. Their store staff will likely be skilled in taking measurements.

We would be happy to find a menswear shop or professional tailor near the groomsmen if needed.


Submit your measurements

Once your gentlemen have their measurements taken and the form has been completed, have them send the form and the measurements to us using whatever method is most convenient - a phone call or an email


Try on your tuxedo

Once your gentlemen get into town the week of the wedding, have them promptly visit our shop to try on the tuxedos. We will want to make sure the tuxedo is fitting perfectly! It is very unlikely there will be any last minute alterations needed, but we can handle them as we a have a tailor shop in our store.


Essential Tips for Success:

  • Do not try to take measurements yourself!
    An inaccurate measurement that may be off by only an inch may get you a tuxedo coat that's one or two sizes too big or small. For the best fit, it is imperative that an experienced professional take your measurements.
  • Direct your gentlemen to visit a professional menswear store or tailor to have measurements taken.
    These employees have been trained to measure properly to ensure a great fitting tuxedo. We can find a place local to your groomsmen if needed (Please be aware that some retailers may charge a small fee for measurement services).
  • Current measurements are the most accurate!
    Even though a gentleman may have been measured for a tuxedo recently, measurements can and do change. It's wise to be measured again.

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