Polish calfskin leather shoes

How to polish calfskin leather shoes:

  1. Gather supplies
    • Polish
    • An old T-shirt or cotton cloth
    • Cedar shoe trees
    • Horsehair polish brush
    • Horsehair cleaning brush
    • Heel and edge dressing
    • Conditioning cleaner
  2. Remove laces
  3. Insert shoe trees
  4. Clean dirt off shoes with horsehair cleaning brush
  5. Apply conditioner cleaner with cotton cloth
  6. Apply polish in circular motion
  7. Brush to a dull shine
  8. Buff with cotton cloth (dampen for high shine)
  9. Heel and sole edge dressing
  10. Walk with confidence

Personally, I enjoy the process: Laying out of newspaper, polish, rags, and brushes. After enough applications, the old T-shirt that I use becomes its own work of art. First, I brush the shoe well, cleaning it of any dust or dirt. I use a small amount of conditioner cleaner with my cotton cloth if necessary, and dry before applying the polish. You may choose to apply the polish with a brush, rag, or your fingertips. With the brush or the rag wrapped tightly around your fingers, apply the polish in small, tight circular swirls. I prefer to use my thumbs, and really work the polish into the leathers pores. Then use the brush to achieve a dull shine, before using the cotton cloth for buffing to a shine. Use some water on the rag for a higher shine. After polishing, I apply the heel and sole edge dressing. I recommend the Allen Edmonds dressing we carry in the store. It is water-soluble, so if you apply some to the shoes upper by accident, you can wipe it away with water. That is all you have to do. You can now walk with confidence, knowing that your shoes are perfectly polished.