Tie care

A necktie or bowtie gives flare and uniqueness to an outfit. It can also dress up or dress down what you are wearing. Whether a simple pattern or exquisite conversational tie, they require attention and care to last.

At the end of a work day, resist the urge to yank off your tie. Pulling the tail through the knot will cause permanent stretching and damage to the interior lining and outer layer. To remove, reverse the knot used when tying the tie.

Ties are made of delicate fabrics and are extremely impressionable. Wrinkles will come easily from improper storage, aggressive undoing of the knot, and the knot being too tight. When storing, hang ties on a designated tie rack or hanger. Creases made throughout the day and from the knot will fall out from gravity.

When traveling, roll ties to avoid creases from being crunched. Store them in a shoe for more protection.

Ironing a tie will cause the edges to crease. Instead of ironing to remove harsh wrinkles by hanging the tie in the bathroom during a shower. The steam and gravity will reshape the tie.

To remove stains or spills, blot the surface with a cloth. Do not press firmly or rub, the stain will spread and penetrate the fabric deeper.