Winter Layering

Even though it is easier to dress well when we’re not sweating through our t-shirts, knowing how to dress effectively during the Fall and Winter season is not always easy. Staying warm and have depth to your outfits is all about layering, and layering really well. The goal is not to pack on as many layers as you can! You want to give respect to fit, fabric, color, pattern, and where you’re going. You need to be warm enough to walk a few blocks, but not sweating when you step inside. Don’t be intimidated, you can use these challenges to set your style above those around you.

Combine items like these to allow sharp, easy layering without having to take two or three layers on and off multiple times throughout the day.

  • Hat – This will keep your head warm, and really pulls a look together. Hats are lightweight and compact, making them easy to bring anywhere
  • Base layer top- Choose something thin, and of neutral color and solid pattern. If you are without a tie, go with a color that compliments a color in your button up shirt. Sporting a tie? Pick a base layer the base color of your shirt, to lessen the chances of the base layer being seen
  • Dress shirt- Pick a shirt with a check or plaid pattern, and contains winter colors; shades of tan and browns, purples, blues, and greys
  • Sweater- A thin, beautifully knit sweater will allow air in the air pockets to stay warm from your body heat, and it is not too thick to layer up or down. Merino wool or alpaca is the best fiber for sweaters for this type of application. A quarter zip or v-neck works best to show your collar
  • Jacket - Use the jacket of your winter suit or sportcoat for more outfit combinations for a formal occasion. When the wind picks up, pop the collar for an added bit of style
  • Down jacket- Goose down jackets are lightweight, compact, and usually weather repellent, which makes them a practical choice for anyone on-the-go
  • Peacoat- The history and crisp military lines that define a peacoat is what makes it so versatile, and a great choice as an overcoat
  • Leather jacket- Leather jackets will be almost completely water and wind proof, and very rugged. These will look best with a more casual weekend outfit
  • Pocket square- A flannel or wool pocket square will bring out the pop in your outfit, and compliment the other colors and fabrics
  • Jeans- Denim will keep your body warm and block most elements because of the dense, tight weave of cotton. The dark and better fitting (but not skinny) they are, the more dressed up they can be
  • Socks- You will need a sock tall enough for your boots, and comfortable enough to keep your feet warm, and dry. Make sure they are made from wool!

We spend a lot of time building wardrobes and educating our customers on laying this time of year.

Come into our shop and we can work together on planning what works best for you.

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