Woods Hollow & Zahner’s Trunk Show


Matt from Woods Hollow Leather Co. will set up shop in our store for the day on Saturday, September 30th.

Woods Hollow started when Matt’s [brand name] briefcase strap ripped right off, crashing onto the concrete, people staring, his coffee spilling and ruining his clothing.

Burned from coffee and angry with the [brand name] briefcase, he looked down at the bag and realized the inside of the “leather” looked nothing like what I thought leather should look like.

The curiosity lead to research of materials and the detail involved in quality leather goods.

It didn’t take long before he had a workbench full of tools and soon found himself burning the midnight oil experimenting with different kinds of leather, crafting techniques, and product designs.

Matt became addicted to the smell and feel of well-crafted leather products.

Each and every product from Woods Hollow is handcrafted in Connecticut. The leather is purchased from some of the oldest tanneries in the country and is built to last. All the hardware used is made from solid brass that will not rust, aging richly with the leather.

With a focus on high quality materials and craftsmanship, every product comes with free monogramming (if you choose) and a lifetime guarantee (you don’t get a choice on this).