New York City – Summer 2015

Every year during mid-July we attend multiple trade show in New York City to choose the inventory for spring and summer of the following year. The trip is very much about curating new merchandise that gives our store the balance of fashion trends to fit your personal style. Being able to keep up with the pace of change that eschews stores similar to ours creates a market that is truly unique.

An equal amount of our time spent in the city is used to learn the market changes, success stories and pitfalls, better customer service, the ability to renovate, innovate, update our look, and learn how to better serve you. During our trip, we are surrounded by a well curated mix of expert and passionate menswear aficionados who love what they do; helping gentlemen look their best. Our mind set at the beginning of the week is to be open to learn, and good things always come of it. Stay tuned for updates of the good items we find at the show.