Letterman Jackets


Letterman jackets were first introduced by the Harvard University baseball team in 1865. Jackets are commonly purchased in the student’s junior or senior year, unless awarded with a varsity letter earlier. Letterman jackets are traditionally worn by high school and college students to represent school and team pride as well as to display personal awards earned in athletics, academics or activities. Letterman jackets are also known as “varsity jackets”.


The body of the jacket is usually made of wool with banded elastic waistband. The sleeves are made of leather with banded elastic wrists. Most letterman jackets are in the school colors with the body of the jacket in the school’s primary color and sleeves in the secondary color.


The varsity letter patch, which is the first letter or initials of the high school, is traditionally given out at an awards banquet by the school. The letter is positioned on the left front of the jacket. We sew the letter on here at the store. Usually the student’s name and year of graduation are embroidered on the right front. The back of the jacket is lettered with the sports or activities which the student letters in.   Additionally, numbers can be sewn on the sleeves for positions played on a team.