Shoes have been an important part of our business since the mid 1960’s. We bring the premium quality men’s shoe industry to you, with many styles and fits in our shop.

Poor quality, inexpensive shoes are a false bargain, and a well-made pair of shoes has a lot to offer.

The combination of high quality materials and craftsmanship supports your legs and back, and improves posture. Most importantly, a well-fitting pair of shoes will keep your feet comfortable for the entire day.

Proper maintenance and storage will make your shoes last many, many years. We carry all of the products you will need and will show you how to use them.

Effectively working the right pairs of shoes with your outfits is a skill we are happy to teach. This is most important for someone building their wardrobe.

For information about custom shoes, visit our Custom page (coming January 2017)

Let us help with any additional shoe care, repair work, damaged shoes, excess odor, polishing and refinishing, and resoling.