Prom night is the most important formal dance of the year

Mix up your daily style to a sharp, well fitting tuxedo. Your size, your fit, and your choice of color.


How to rent


  1. Build your outfitCome into our shop at least 10 days prior to prom
  2. Fitted in storeYou can see and feel what you’ve chosen
  3. Final fittingTry-on a few days before the event to ensure you’re completely satisfied
  4. Wear it and return itDonce, celebrate, and have a great time. Anyone can return your outfit to the store the next day


Jacket and Pant Options

Type :

Available in Traditional, Modern, and Slim fit

Color :

Lapel style :

Buttons :

Pant style:


Shirts :

Available in a wing or laydown collars

Vest, Tie or Bowtie, and Pocket Squares :

Shoes :

We have examples of each in the store, and will guide you through the process

Promote your prom

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Come into our store and pickup as many cards as you would like. Write your information on our prom business cards and get $5 cash for each tuxedo rented with your card.

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