Wardrobe Planning

We have built our business around helping gentlemen feel good with their appearance.

If reinventing your wardrobe in necessary, or just to update what you have, you are in full control as we guide your purchases for smart, interchangeable items

Together we will take an honest assessment of your current closet, your style, and your goals.

You need a handful of items to create a good foundation. We use this foundation to build off of in a direction based upon your goals. The final step is to mix in unique items and accessories to coordinate your outfits together.

This is a process that does not happen in a single day or require an enormous investment. We teach a mindset that will show you how to purchase for smart, interchangeable items for years.


We are very skilled in fittings and alterations of all clothing. The experience and techniques we use have been passed down since our business began in 1951.

Five decades of collective knowledge and experience gives us the unique advantage in these services. We have become experts in perfecting your appearance. Our tailorshop is in-house, allowing us full quality control.

The clothing you wear contributes significantly to the impression you make on others, your success, and how you feel about yourself. Let us bring you to the level of tailored clothing.

Each customer is advised on pricing before any alterations are made. We would never impose hidden costs on anyone.


Reweaving is an art that is almost completely lost. This is a service for repairing your garment to like-new condition. Reweaving would be needed for a thread in the cloth that broke during manufacturing, or a snag while you are wearing it.

A reweave repairs any damage and replaces the threads so that it is almost unnoticeable. Please call for more information. Each item will need to be inspected before rewoven to ensure it is repairable.